We have 20 years of childminding experience between us and both have three children of our own. As they are all in school full time our days are spent providing dedicated childcare to little ones.  We are both very down to earth, practical people who believe children should be allowed to get messy, dirty and have fun no matter what.
We believe working together enhances the childrens’ daily experience, parents’ peace of mind, helps us brainstorm ways of improving the service we provide and overall improves the quality of childcare we offer.
Working as a team means that one of us can provide more one on one time to support little ones who need that more or for a little one who is needing more quiet time than usual, if say he/she is feeling under the weather.  It is also very beneficial to have one person able to supervise the children whilst the other is preparing food, helping with toileting or setting up activities. 
Having been working mothers ourselves, we know that finding reliable and good quality childcare is of the utmost importance and we aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.
Our children are testament to how we have raised them and are very sociable and provide good role models to younger children.  They love being around other children and are happiest with a houseful of playmates!
We have a vast range of toys to keep all ages entertained which we rotate to keep things new and exciting! We have everything from baby rattles and Happyland farms to lego, ball pools, dollshouses right up to a Wii, Hudl's and I-pads!
In our garden we have many ride-ons, slides, a climbing frame and a large trampoline and children of all ages can have a great time being outdoors.  In the summer we get a huge paddling pool out and the children often have lunch al-fresco!
We encourage children to embrace life, learn and have fun!  We believe children are stimulated by a variety of experiences and activities - inside and outside.  We try to make each day different not just the same old toddler groups every week, but understand the importance of routine to little ones and the day is managed so their needs are met.  Crafts and activities are planned and based on themes so that the children make more sense of their creations and we have more of a focus. We work hard with parents to ensure we understand the needs and likes of their child so that we can really focus on making their time with us as enjoyable as possible. 

Childminder in Woking
    Childminder in Woking
I have three children, 15,13 and 9.  Having worked as a bi-lingual secretary for many years, I trained as a childminder so I could be at home to raise my own children and soon discovered it was much more rewarding than any job I'd had previously.  Childminding has been hugely beneficial to my own children and me as I love thinking of things to motivate and encourage little minds to learn and develop. 
Hello! I have three children, 18, 9 and 8. I became a childminder in 2003 when I was made redundant from my job as a computer programmer. Prior to being in IT I trained as a Montessori nursery teacher and so the u-turn back into childcare meant I could spend more of my time with my own children and re-use my previous knowledge!
Working as a childminder brings me great pleasure in being directly involved in the development of other children. Each child has his/her own character so every day brings new challenges and achievements!