All records of your child are stored securely and we take confidentiality seriously.

Fees are payable one month in advance. There is a minimum charge period of 2 hours per day.

Fees will be due should your child be absent due to illness/accident or your own holiday.
Fees will not apply should I be unable to look after your child due to our own illness/accident or our own holiday.

Fees will include entrance to toddler groups, softplay and other outings’ entrance fees, meals, snacks and drinks.

Holidays should be notified on either side with as much notice as possible.  For holidays of one week (5 working days) or more, a month’s notice should be given.

Should numbers allow, we can of course cover each other's short holiday/illness.  Incase this is not possible, for short term cover we regularly meet with many local childminders and could recommend those with vacancies who may be able to help.  These childminders would be known to your child already through meetings at toddler groups etc.

Sickness policy
If your child becomes ill whilst in our care we will contact you in the first instance to discuss the best course of action for your child.  If your child is suffering with a communicable infection/disease/illness he/she should not be brought into our care until such time as the infection has cleared or until such time as medical professionals advise.  We have written guidelines to assist you in this decision.

Termination of contract
Notice of termination of the contract by either party must be in writing with a month’s notice given.

These will be gratefully received and used constructively.  All complaints must be recorded and be available for inspection by Ofsted, for which we have a form you can use.  We would hope that you would feel able to approach us in the first instance to resolve any issue but should you feel the need for independent help/advice you can also contact the following organisations:

Early Years & Childcare Service 01372 833833

PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) information line: 0300 003 0005

Ofsted 0300 123 1231