We believe that fresh air, exercise and imaginative play are crucial for children’s development and we try to get outside as much as possible. 


childminder woking surrey

We regularly do the stuff children love – getting messy and creative. Learning through play is an important part of children’s development – we do painting, drawing, glueing and sticking and creative art – making all sorts of different crafts.



The children often help to make biscuits / cakes and they can take their own creations home. We plant seeds and work in the garden. We explore all sorts of different media and materials and learn lots about the world around us.


We have a wide range of toys and books and a lot of toys which promote imaginative play – dolls houses, railway sets, lego, dressing up, farms etc. We also make things from boxes and play games using our imagination rather than just relying on bought toys. We also have a wide range of outdoor toys and equipment to promote physical well being – ride-ons, slides, climbing frame and a large trampoline.





We encourage little ones to explore new sights/sounds/textures/smells using natural objects found in the house and on our travels eg. pinecones, autumn leaves etc.

The children all sit together at mealtimes to make it a social occasion. Conversation is pretty much non-stop all day, talking about every day events and we encourage memory recall – asking about what we did the previous day, what they did at the weekend etc to improve vocabularly and conversational skills and introduce a sense of time.

 We regularly attend toddler groups / meet up with other childminders and friends to provide the children with new and different toys and experiences as this is a valuable source of social interaction with other children and adults. 

 From as early as possible we encourage children to master pen control, making marks and try to help them develop their literacy and numeracy skills at their own rate.

The children in our care are stimulated by a variety of excursions, experiences and activities tailored to their age.


childminder woking surrey

 childminder woking surreychildminder woking surreychildminder woking surrey